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Lauren, Jersey City

The last thing you want is to move into an expensive property unaware of potential problems. Problems that could be costly to repair or, worse, beyond repair.

That’s why it’s critical to choose a service like Action Home Inspections. We have over 25 years experience in residential and commercial construction, renovation, and inspection...


When buying or selling a property, it is prudent that you cover all your bases. Nothing ruins a dream home more than moving in and discovering that there are serious problems such as something wrong with the roof, poor drainage, or bad insulation. You will be kicking yourself knowing you could have taken control of the real estate transaction and prevented the mess by hiring a property inspector. An independent home inspection by a professional inspector will give you peace of mind and the confidence that you are making the right decision.

At Action Home Inspections, we pride ourselves on helping people with some of the biggest decisions of their lives. We have been assisting homebuyers around Bloomfield, NJ for over 25 years, helping them identify potential problems, survey the property’s condition, and consider possible repairs and upgrades, including residential termite and radon inspection services. With close to three decades worth of experience, we have seen it all and no job is beyond our skillset.

Our job is a simple one: Provide you with a comprehensive, fair, independent, objective evaluation so that you can understand and take care of your valuable investment. Without a property inspector by your side, you risk losing time, energy, and money.

If you live in Bloomfield, NJ or the surrounding area and looking for residential home inspection services, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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